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Old Mazatlán Condominiums
Pedregoso 18 Col.
Centro Mazatlán Sinaloa, Mexico

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For Condo Sales

Marvin Parr
Mazatlan Property Group

Mazatlan Local: 985-3065
In the US: 510-257-4366
In Canada: 403-770-0205

Mazatlan Property Group
Sixto Osuna #55
Centro, Mazatlán 82000

Learn More About Beautiful Mazatlán
danceMazatlán Culture
Comparable only to that of Rio de Janeiro and Mardi Gras, this week-long tradition occurs every year just before Lent.
deerHistory of Mazatlán
Mazatlán is an ancient Nahuati word for "land of the deer" and in fact the 2006 champion Mazatlán baseball team is called the "Venados," which is Spanish for deer.
adventrueMazatlán Adventures
There are many things to do and see in Mazatlán. "The Pearl of the Pacific," a nickname referring to the splendor and beauty of this great city, has more than 15 miles of beaches for fishing, relaxing, surfing and more.